Since first holding elected office in 2012, John Farney has led the charge for modernizing the Champaign County's financial departments and systems. He will bring these same practices to the County Treasurer's office wherever they can be implemented!

As Auditor, John ensured that financial policies were updated to fall in line with today's generally accepted accounting practices. Accounts payable practices were streamlined to allow for the maximum efficiency while continuing to demand financial accountability from County offices. Communication between offices is open and transparent.

Collaboration has been the hallmark of John Farney's administration. As County Treasurer, John will work with taxing districts across Champaign County to ensure timely and efficient collection and distribution of real estate taxes.

Working to help the County General Fund's bottom line, John instituted an electronic vendor program that actually generates revenue simply by paying the County's bills. Working with a local bank, vendors are paid electronically, quickly and efficiently. Rebates, similar to what you would see at home from a cash back program on a credit card, are returned to the County Treasury. The County also saves by spending less on printing, postage and labor needed to distribute funds. John continues to work to expand this valuable program. As County Treasurer, John will continue to work with local financial institutions to provide customer friendly services to the taxpayers of Champaign County while ensuring maximum return for County investment.

Committed to transparency, John worked with the County Information Technology Department to develop an online checkbook. Through a partnership with a vendor, Champaign County's checkbook is now available in a searchable and exportable format. John will continue to see that information is made readily available to the taxpayer of Champaign County.

As County Treasurer, John will continue to be at the forefront of the development of a new accounting system for Champaign County. The current system has been subject to findings in recent audits by outside, independent, auditors. Created nearly four decades ago, written in a programming language no longer taught in schools, the County accounting system is holding progress back. However, working with County Administration, IT, and the County Board, John is leading the way to a new accounting system. Partnering with the Government Finance Officers Association, John has been an active participant in every meeting with stakeholders as the process continues. John has ensured that users at all levels of County government are heard when developing this system, from the front line clerks to the high level administrators, a system that can be utilized to its fullest extent is his goal.